Patient Testimonials

  • "I was ‘gifted’ with a multitude of dental-related issues since childhood. When I moved to Florida, finding a highly skilled dentist was extremely important to me.
    “Dr. Gumm was recommended to me as a dentist who was a problem solver and someone who took great pride in his work. After 20 years as his patient and many, many simple and complicated procedures later, he has proven to be that and more.
    “He has many specialties due to his continuous dedication to his educational advancement, and I like that I can have my periodontal problems and my other dental needs handled by the same doctor.
    “Dr. Gumm was able to save many teeth I might have otherwise lost at a much younger age. I have full confidence in him and his abilities, which has allowed me to be much calmer during my procedures. He tells me what he’s doing and always calls after major procedures to check if I’m okay, which is really comforting."
  • "I had an upper denture that was not tolerable, and I came to see Dr. Gumm for an alternative solution.
    “Dr. Gumm is knowledgeable and friendly, and he gave me implant-supported new teeth. As a result of my treatment, I have no more denture! I do not gag from it covering the roof of my mouth, I can eat anything, and there’s no worry of it falling out of my mouth.” "
  • "I have enjoyed getting to know this practice—the staff is friendly and personable, the office is clean and bright, and Dr. Gumm is a pleasure to work with. He has a sense of humor and a warm smile. He is a good listener and will explain things until you understand them.
    “My last bridge was so professionally done that I never had to return for any adjustments. As a result of my treatment, my mouth, and teeth are in good shape.
    “Dr. Gumm’s dental expertise is first-rate, and I highly recommend him.” "
  • "I’m from South Africa, and I had extensive root canal treatment and a bone transplant surgery there 25 years ago. I came to Dr. Gumm because I needed emergency treatment and he was very helpful in accommodating me as a new patient.
    “The staff at the practice are always very friendly and helpful, and Dr. Gumm is a board-certified dentist. He is ethical, efficient, and up-to-date on the latest technology. I have seen major benefits from my treatment. I have a healthy mouth with no gum bleeding, and I also received some dental implants. The treatment has really improved my quality of life."
  • "For over 30 years, Dr. Gumm has been taking excellent care of my entire family from my parents and in-laws down to my grandchildren. There is no one I would trust more. My daughter still drives across the State of Florida just to remain his patient.
    “I had a root canal, crowns, a gum graft, and several replacement fillings. Each procedure was done with extreme care and precision. Dr. Gumm never attempts to convince you to have more work done than is necessary to fix the problem correctly.
    “While I have been lucky and have not needed a lot of major work, my father did. After months of reconstruction, he told me that he will be indebted to Dr. Gumm forever because it was the first time in 40 years he had been able to chew without feeling pain.
    “The staff is friendly and professional, and the office is equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Dr. Gumm is highly educated, and he is certified in several specialties as well as in general dentistry. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."
  • "I have been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. Gumm is very professional, caring, and an amazing dentist. He truly cares about his patients, just like family. I’ve always felt very comfortable and cared for with him, and his staff is wonderful and friendly. I enjoy the professionalism and warm atmosphere at the practice.
    “I have always had gum disease, and my teeth were loose. My gums were tender and bleeding, and my teeth were very sensitive.
    “The laser surgery I received from Dr. Gumm was nothing short of a miracle. I went from very uncomfortable to completely confident in my smile. My teeth no longer bleed, I have no loose teeth, and my tooth sensitivity has dramatically been reduced.
    “I can eat anything I want now! The procedure itself was not painful—I took a painkiller on the first day, but no pain after that. It was well worth it.” —Tracey"
  • "I have always been apprehensive of going to the dentist, but Dr. Gumm and his staff put me at ease. He was very thorough during my initial exam and took the time to explain my treatment plan.
    “I am extremely satisfied with the final outcome of the work Dr. Gumm performed. My smile looks great, and it makes me smile when people tell me that I have a great smile"