Advance Technology

dr gumm millennium periolase

Millennium Periolase® laser for minimally invasive gum disease treatment

Dr. Gumm uses the Millennium Periolase, a state-of-the-art dental laser, to provide effective, minimally invasive gum disease treatment. Often, patients with even advanced stages of gum disease can be successfully treated using the laser, eliminating the need for traditional gum disease surgery.

The laser selectively removes diseased tissue and leaves healthy tissues unaffected. It also stimulates the body’s natural potential to regenerate lost gum and bone tissue. Healing after laser treatment is fast, with patients usually able to go back to work the next day.


Piezosurgery® tools

A piezosurgery unit uses very specific frequencies of vibration to cut bone tissue with great precision. Dr. Gumm uses it to perform precise, nontraumatic extractions, bone grafting treatment and dental implant treatment


Radiosurgery unit

Our radiosurgery unit is an advanced tool for making pressureless incisions using very high-frequency, small, electric currents. Radiosurgery is very precise and very often doesn’t require sutures. Dr. Gumm uses it for soft tissue sculpting, biopsies and periodontal surgery procedures.


Digital X-rays

We use digital X-rays to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital X-rays use much less radiation than traditional X-rays, and they produce detailed, crisp images that are instantly available for viewing.

Intraoral camera

An intraoral camera shows the inside of your mouth in detail. This is a very useful tool that enables both you and the doctor to accurately see the condition of your teeth and gums.

Ultrasonic scalers

We use ultrasonic scalers to perform gentle yet thorough teeth cleanings. Ultrasonic scalers have vibrating tips that move at ultrasonic frequencies. This effectively removes hardened plaque from the teeth, above and below the gumline. Ultrasonic scalers tend to be more comfortable for patients than traditional hand scalers, and they are also gentler on the teeth.

prophy jet

Prophy jet

The prophy jet is a polishing tool that uses air and water to polish your teeth after cleaning. It is very effective at removing stains that occur from consuming certain foods and drinks, and from smoking.